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QUESTION: How should your personality shape what you choose as a college major?

ANSWER: College was a journey for me. As you can see below, my adventure took many turns, changing majors almost as often as the weather changed. For each academic year listed, my plan of study is included to show how the previous semester's classes affected my chosen direction. The schools are color-coded, including Three Rivers Community College, Avery Point at UCONN, Eastern Connecticut State University and Charter Oak State College.

Please also view my professional transcripts with the Department of Corrections and the Clark County Marshal Department HERE if you do not see the graphical link below.


Academic Year of 2001-2002 (No Plan of Study)

Scenes From My Life

My Mother Putting My Corsage On

Best Friends with me on the happiest day of my life, my Wedding in Vegas


Me, reading with the cutest little girl in the world in a department store, we later played house in the house wares department...

My Beautiful Wife and I

  • Computers in Modern Society (@ Avery Point, UCONN)
  • Early American History (@ Three Rivers Community College)
  • Music Appreciation (@ TRCC)
Academic Year of 2002-2003 (Computer Science)
  • Financial Accounting I (@ TRCC)
  • Introduction to Business (@ TRCC)
  • Web Design/Development I (@ TRCC)
  • College Composition (@ TRCC)
  • Intro to Speech Communication (@ TRCC)
  • Writing in the Workplace (@ TRCC)
  • Intermediate Algebra (@ TRCC)
Academic Year of 2003-2004 (Social Sciences)
  • Introduction to Nutrition (@ TRCC)
  • Literature and Composition (@ TRCC)
  • Desktop Publishing I (@ TRCC)
  • Introduction to Geography (@ TRCC)
  • Introduction to International Relations (@ TRCC)
  • Introduction to Sociology (@ TRCC)
Academic Year of 2004-2005 (General Studies / A.S. Degree)
  • Entrepreneurship (@ TRCC)
  • Principles of Marketing (@ TRCC)
  • Principals of Macroeconomics (@ TRCC)
  • Introduction to Philosophy (@ TRCC)
  • American Government (@ TRCC)
Academic Year of 2005-2006 (History/Social Sciences)
  • Recent American History (@ ECSU)
  • Western Civilization before 1500 (@ ECSU)
  • Public Relations (@ ECSU)
  • Principles of Advertising (@ TRCC)
Academic Year of 2006-2007 (Business)
  • Politics of Race/Class/Gender (@ ECSU)
  • Connecticut Department of Corrections Academy
Academic Year of 2008-2009 (Marketing / Certificate)
  • Principles of Selling (@ TRCC)
  • Institutional Treatment of the Officer (@ DOC)
  • Special Populations and Emergency response (@ DOC)
  • Practicum in Criminal Justice (@ DOC)
Academic Year of 2009-2010
  • Organizational Behavior (@ ECSU)
  • Math for the Liberal Arts (@ ECSU)
Academic Year of 2010-2011
  • Operations Management (@ Charter Oak State College)
  • Constitutional Law (@ CCSC)
Academic Year of 2011-2012
  • Forensic Science (@ CCSC)
  • The Modern Presidency (@ CCSC)
  • Social/Behavioral Capstone I (@ CCSC)
  • Social/Behavioral Capstone II (@ CCSC)
  • Business Ethics & Individual Values (@ CCSC)


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