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RATIONALE STATEMENT: The internet has obviously offered a more personal approach to marketing and sales due to the marketers’ dream come true, Facebook. The internet has allowed companies and agencies to get more exposure and outreach on the world’s biggest stage, and like they say in the real estate world, location is everything. The Web has perfected the art of product placement and allowed non-invasive advertising for products and companies in places where they are seen by the intended viewers. For example, we'll use my wife's wedding print company. I designed her web site for her ( and we have placed advertising for her business on popular wedding websites like This allows people to find exactly what they are looking for on sites they find when they are Googling a topic or reading about a similar concept/product. I also explained to her the concept of modular design, which she now uses to customize most of her products in a cost-effective way.

Facebook and social media have taken that even further, in that targeted social advertising allows ads to be sent to people, customized just for them with the information they have made public on that site. It also allows companies and agencies to search certain demographics. For example, I had a Facebook page for an MMA league I was marketing/web designing for, and this page allowed me to send information specifically to the people who had expressed interest.  All the sites I design usually include a Facebook page, like my newest project: (a political site for a Justice of the Peace candidate in Las Vegas).

Most marketing campaign sites I have done included Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube social media accounts thrown into the marketing mix. Current active social media accounts for my sites are,,,,, Neff Productions, and Lopaze Creations. Past social media groups/pages were created for the Bank Street Roadhouse, and United States Fight League. YouTube accounts were created for United States Fight League,, and Comprehensive email marketing campaigns were designed especially for United States Fight League, and, but also implemented for and



These are examples of social plug-ins for Facebook that allow you to stream content live from your Facebook page to your outside business website, easily allowing people who are not Web-savvy to add content to their page. This is an excellent tool to give business owners control over their site, and a fantastic way of fostering communication and making the individual feel more active in your professional relationship.


This is a promotional YouTube video I took when I was the Media Director of the United States Fight League, a Mixed Martial Arts League. Videos on YouTube can be uploaded and embedded on any internet site. This relates to my style of relationship maintenance marketing because it allowed me to promote the organization and show the other board members that I was an indispensable marketing force that could perform at any level on any platform.


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