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RATIONALE STATEMENT: The following artifacts are newspaper articles that were featured in local news outlets in New London County during the election season of fall 2005. I took over and worked on the web site for the Groton Democratic Committee, and saw opportunity to take the working relationship we had developed and grown from there. The committee appreciated my hard work and liked my easygoing personality so much they decided to endorse me to run for the elected position of Town Council. This is just another example of how used methods from the relationship maintenance era of marketing before it was even considered a specific era. (And please, do not judge me based on my hair... I wore baseball hats a lot.)
My Candidate Profile on

All candidates were asked to respond to two questions regarding possible secession of Groton City from the Town of Groton and the property tax.

A Candidate Profile in the Groton Times
2005 Town of Groton Town Council Election Results



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