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RATIONALE STATEMENT: Below are my examples and demonstrations of the eight core competencies that are used to demonstrate learning, according to Stanford University (CLICK Here to see Clemson's University’s “Standards and Expectations.”) Of course, all of these competencies are used daily in collegiate course work, but are also used every day in my professional and personal life. For example:

    • Arts and Humanities:  I strongly believe that my body of work with Lopaze Weblications  demonstrates one of my strongest points in this area. Visual arts are a major component of the competency, and between my extensive web design and photography portfolios, it is regarded as a strength.
    • Critical Thinking:  Critical thinking is an essential element of my website, especially in designing the layout for a site used as advertising for a product or a service. Deciding what to feature on the site, or what to have as the focal point of pictures on the site, can be a challenge when you are trying to target a certain market or demographic.
    • Ethical Judgment:  Ethical judgment is used in my business when deciding what website's to move forward with beyond the brain storming stages. As an example, I chose not to build a website for a man that wanted to sell adult novelties—not because I couldn't handle the workload, but because I would want his products to be associated with my name.
    • Cross-Cultural Awareness:  The perfect example of this would be my learning experiences working in a correctional facility. For example, handing out Ramadan meals to the Islamic population made me want to learn more about the culture and why the inmates were only served meals before and after sunup. Working with people from a range of different social, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds made me more aware of how different people come together in everyday life, even in an unusual setting like a correctional facility.
    • Social Science:  See my term paper from Class, Race and Gender in Politics below.
    • Natural Sciences:  See my term paper from Forensic Science below.
    • Mathematical Literacy:  See course work in Algebra and Math for Liberal Arts on my collegiate transcripts.
    • Science, Technology and Society:  Like Arts and Humanities above, my body of work with Lopaze Weblications is the best illustration of how this competency is one of my strong points. Visual arts is a major component of the competency, and between my web design portfolio and my photography, it is regarded as a strength of mine, along with my coursework over the last decade.

ACADEMIC DEMONSTRATIONS: Please CLICK on the title of the paper/project to view.
  • Term Paper: Forensic Science - This term paper shows fundamental understanding of forensic science and mastery of research methods. It took what my pre-existing knowledge on drugs, and detection thereof, amassed from the Correctional Academy and in-service training, and broadened my understanding of all that goes into a forensic investigation.
  • Term Paper: Modern Presidency - This term paper enhanced my understanding of the modern Presidency of the United States of America, and what can make good presidents great. It also exemplifies the ability to take what was learned in the class and pass the knowledge along via designing a college class of a similar focus.
  • Term Paper: Class, Race and Gender in Politics -- This term paper touches on many of the topics I have covered in other term papers, and builds on it. It involves the spin mass media puts on race, class and gender when a candidate runs for his or her party’s nomination. Not only does it show fundamental understanding of mass media, it also demonstrates an advanced knowledge of public relations and how it is used in presidential nomination campaign races.
  • MODULAR DESIGN - I knew what modular design was, but did not realize how useful and profitable it could be until fall 2011, when I took an Operations Management class. The primary concept is that you have numerous different, interchangeable parts that are used in production. I now apply modular design in everything I do so I can simplify the website design process and with interchangeable components from past sites I have done. I also used it to help my wife streamline her production strategy in her own business of creating wedding invitations and print material. She now has printed cards with interchangeable color pieces that she can swap in and out when she needs to fill orders quickly.
    EXAMPLE: For (a site I recently created for a bar owner in Connecticut), I simply took a calendar from a past project, changed the dates to match this year, adjusted the color scheme, swapped out images to make the apple slice background, and used a cascading style sheet also recycled from another project. In doing this, I was able to create the site quickly, efficiently, and affordably by using previously tried-and-true pieces to back up the fresh elements.

    - In a Fall 2004 Entrepreneurship and Principles of Marketing class at Three Rivers Community College, I first learned all about how crucial “impressions” are to marketing and advertising. An impression is the reaction prompted each time a person is subjected to a brand, whether it be by name, direct or indirect advertising for that company, or a website (as in my case). Then, in addition to my own research, I took Public Relations and Principles of Advertising to understand more fully the importance of the impression. In the class I developed my own impression-based market campaign.
    EXAMPLE: At, you will find the site I created for the United States Fight League, a Connecticut-based mixed martial arts league. I wrote out an impression schedule based on the traffic our site got from our first event, and used it to forecast the future traffic generated by our website, Facebook and MySpace pages. This report was presented to sponsors and investors Listed below are some of the tables listed in the impression schedule for internal and external use:

TRAFFIC REPORTS - Givin the importance of creating effective displays in marketing and selling impressions in advertising, I've learned through school, training and life experiences that there has to be some formula, program or calculation to measure your progress and analyze success or failure. And that is exactly why I install a stat counter code in all projects I do. It’s to show the client that I am doing what they are paying me to do, thereby building their trust in me and our professional relationship, but also for my own research purposes. It can be used to hone and perfect a design or simply for the purpose of checks and balances to see what generates the most interest.

EXAMPLE: Below are screen shots from my stat counter software used to generate reports for clients, reports to show to potential clients, or just reports to track and appreciate my own hard work. I am including a screen capture from 2008 (when I had several projects going on at once) and a more recent one to contrast how statistics are interpreted and trends are observed in internet traffic. The data also shows where pages the viewers came from (referring links), allowing the business owner to strengthen marketing allocated to those resources. The second screenshot shows the traffic to my wife’s (and toughest client!) website (


My latest project will be the aggregate total of all I have learned through coursework, experience and trial and error over my first 28 years of living. It is a website that is going to feature everything that was mentioned in this E-portfolio, and call on all the relationship marketing skills in my personal repertoire, including (but not limited to) the following competencies

Competencies will demonstrate:

    • Arts and Humanities - Design, photography incorporated into a custom-designed page at wholesale prices.
    • Critical Thinking – Designing marketing strategies on how to get the word out, and devising promotional schedules to sustain growth.
    • Ethical Judgment – Building a trusted name by evaluating and rejecting sites that are morally or ethically wrong, or which promote products or services that are illegal or otherwise improper.
    • Cross-Cultural Awareness – Providing services to all people or businesses, regardless of race, gender, socio-economical class, sexual preference or type of service (as long as they meet the ethical standards outlined in the previous bullet). Also, ensuring that content is not offensive to different cultures and groups of people.
    • Social Science – Including content for all aspects of social sciences, from politicians to entertainers, the site will also feature the newest social media technology.
    • Mathematical Literacy – Using accounting skills to manage the financial side of my business.
    • Science, Technology and Society - See definition of “internet..." I believe it encompasses all three

Fundamental Knowledge it will Demonstrate:

    • Social Media: The site will be used in conjunction with the latest social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to advertise and promote its services and the sites.
    • Marketing: It will use stat tracking programs to sell impressions, and track and promote its effectiveness.
    • Public Relations tactics: It will build a brand through different channels of print and online advertisement.
    • Political Arena: The site will feature local politicians that I have worked with, or who I support.
    • Photography: The site will be anchored by its photography, whether location photos or portrait.

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