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The New Rules of Marketing & PR (Click here to see book on
Learn to Ignore the Old Rules (Section)
QUOTE: "To harness the power of the Web to reach buyers directly, you must ignore the old rules, Public Relations is not just about speaking through the media, although the media remain an important component. Marketing is not just about one-way broadcast advertising, although advertising can be part of an overall strategy."
(Then later in the chapter it says)

"If you are smaller and less famous but have an interesting story to tell you need to tell it yourself. Fortunately, the Web is a terrific place to do so."

RATIONALE STATEMENT: Telling my story is exactly what I am doing, here on the Web. If you look at the artifacts below and my listed competencies, it’s obvious that I had no problem ignoring the old rules of marketing and public relations. I never would have thought it, but now that I have read the marketing Bible of the new era, I am actually the product of the relationship maintenance marketing era. Below are all the artifacts that support my case, with examples.

Letters of Recommendation, the direct result of relationship maintenance tactics

Newspaper Articles (Click on the article title to view the article.)
  • Various Newspaper Clippings When I Ran For Town Council in Fall 2005
    Shows competency in the political arena, as developed in social sciences coursework, and through volunteer experience and public relations tactics
  • Youth on His Side: 22-year-old throws his baseball cap into the race
    New London Day, News Paper Article:I enjoyed learning about government and government business (in classes such as American Government in Spring 2004, International relations, Fall 2004) and used my web design firm to get involved with the democratic committee and develop relationships that led to  management skills to have them endorse me as a candidate in the election. I also used my personality and charisma to get over 1,500 votes, although I did not win a seat on the Town Council that year.
  • Making Computers More Accessible: Helps those with, without disabilities
    New London Day, News Paper Article: I took my self-taught computer knowledge, reinforced by classes over the years (like Computers in Modern Society in Fall 2001, Desktop Publishing in Spring 2003, and Web Design and Development in Fall 2004), and taught children how to use computers and programs for school work and "edutainment" games.
  • Democrats Offer Diverse Mix of Candidates for Town Council
    New London Day, News Paper Article: Another article that discusses the viewpoints of the Candidates in the fall 2005 election for Town Council.
Documents that will further my career/business (Click on the TITLE to view.)
  • Nevada Notary Public Certification
    When I originally intended to acquire my bail bonds agent license to open a company here in Las Vegas, I went the extra step to get appointed as a Notary Public. Then when that plan changed, I realized it was a skill that was much sought after here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Also allows me to offer another service for my web design firm.
  • Nevada Bail Agent State License Exam
    I planned to acquire my bail bonds agent license to open a company here in Las Vegas with a professional acquaintance, another example of using relationship maintenance to market myself.

(From left to right: The courtroom marshal with the Honorable John S. Macgrority; me taking an inmate away on a contempt of court charge; and me with the Honorable Jackie Glass, who is now the star of TV’s "Swift Justice," and was the judge in O.J. Simpson’s most recent trial.)

I appeared in news stories on television as the courtroom marshal in Mental Health Court, due in part to my ability to build professional trust with the judges and high level staff in the Clark County Deputy Marshals Department.

Bachelors of Science Degree

The final artifact—the capstone that will indicate mastery of all the competencies and fundamental knowledge of ten years of college, and prove that I have mastered the art of relationship marketing—is my Bachelor’s Degree earned from from Charter Oak State College in Connecticut on June 1st, 2012. Without relying on these skills and the friendships and professional relationships I have built over my collegiate career, I don't think I would ever have finished. Even the most casual parts of my network played some role in me getting to this point in my life, from befriending Donna Morand in the Charter Oak business office when calling every other day to check on the status of my student loan disbursements, to using social networking to meet and reach out to my future wife when I was on vacation in Vegas with my family.


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