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Introduction and Mission Statement of Samuel Lopaze's E-portfolio

In the following marketing E-portfolio, “Hello Relationship Marketing, Goodbye Production-Era Thinking,” I will explore and demonstrate how my life has exemplified the new rules and methodology of marketing and sales, and how life's journey should guide you towards success. Through social media and the internet, companies and organizations have brought the art of promotion and advertising not only to your doorstep, but inside your life in every way possible. The days where a good product sells itself are long gone—now it is all about whom you know and how those relationships are maintained. HELLO, relationship marketing era!

This is a skill I have used and perfected since the days of writing HTML at my computer in my parents’ house. As an 18 year old business owner, it was hard to be taken seriously. I had to develop my skill at building professional friendships (then taking them to the next level) every chance I could get, to ensure that these acquaintances saw me as a legitimate businessman and would come back to me for their business needs. Early on, I learned one of the most important rules of business: the 80/20 rule. This unwritten law states that 80% of your business is going to come from 20% of your client base.

The value of this project is intangible; it cannot be measured with a number or a value. It will have different values to different people, but be of high value none the less. 

The mission of this project is clear.
For me, it will serve as a roadmap to all my future interactions in the professional and the personal world, and a document I intend to leave on my professional web site ( as long as it is up and running. To most other people, it will act as a case study that shows the importance of relationship marketing and maintenance on personal and professional levels.

Or you can download the entire project in a Microsoft Word Document HERE

To the END of the production-era of marketing, to the BEGINNING of the new era, Relationship-era marketing... The King is dead, long live the King!


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